1. The manufacturer provides a warranty for all products available for purchase on the online store www.iDrone.lv.
2. The warranty period set by the manufacturer varies for different product categories. To obtain information about the specific warranty period for a product, you can call the contact phone number provided on the website www.iDrone.lv or refer to the description of the selected item.
3. According to the current legislation, the buyer has the right to submit a claim within 24 months from the moment of purchasing the product from the online store if the product does not meet the requirements stated in the contract. Claims regarding product non-compliance will be considered only if the product was used as intended.
4. Manufacturer's warranty obligations are exclusively valid for legal entities that are not Consumers.

5. To maintain the Manufacturer's provided warranty, it is necessary to have and provide the required documentation:

5.1. receipt or invoice, waybill, etc., any document confirming the purchase of the product;

5.2. warranty card, if included by the manufacturer or seller;

5.3. information about service centers with certificates for performing such services (available in the warranty card included with the product) or obtainable by contacting the manufacturer or distributor through provided contact phone numbers.

6. Warranty obligations do not apply to additional accessories sold with the product, power elements, and other accessories with limited technical lifespan.

7. Warranty from the manufacturer does not apply in the following cases:

7.1. in case of user or buyer-induced damage to the product;

7.2. in case warranty seals on the product have been tampered with;

7.3. when the product was used contrary to its intended purpose or with disregard for instructions;

7.4. if the product becomes defective due to user-induced factors (e.g., scratches, physical damage, water exposure, use of improper maintenance methods or substances, or other actions leading to product malfunction);

7.5. if the product becomes defective due to incorrect voltage or external factors, including sudden temperature changes, exposure to environmental elements not intended for the product, and other domestic factors;

7.6. if the product has been repaired outside authorized service centers;

7.7. due to natural wear and tear of included components;

7.8. if non-standard power sources, spare parts, accessories, or uncertified materials were used, resulting in damage;

7.9. warranty obligations do not apply to additional accessories sold with the product, power elements, and other accessories with limited technical lifespan;

7.10. if the product is used for professional or industrial purposes not aligned with its specifications;

7.11. in cases of improper transportation of the product.

8. During warranty repairs, the product will be delivered to the consumer at an agreed address. The cost of this service is 7 euros.
9. Prior to submitting a product for repair, it's advised to ensure data privacy, especially if the product is intended for such purposes. Warranty centers do not guarantee data security.
10. If a malfunction is found in a purchased product, for peaceful resolution, contact the online store www.iDrone.lv using the provided contact numbers.
11. In cases where the warranty period has expired or is no longer applicable, and the consumer is unwilling to pay for repairs, the consumer is responsible for diagnostic service charges. Once the consumer agrees to paid repairs, diagnostic fees are not applied.

Disputes are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

Procedure for Handling Claims

To submit a claim, send an email to info@idrone.lv or a written request to Liepāja, Siļķu iela 3-33, LV-3405, specifying:

  • name, contact information;
  • reason for claim;
  • date of claim submission;
  • documents confirming the purchase.

The claim will be reviewed within 14 business days from the date of receipt.
Afterward, you will be informed about further steps via phone or email.