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iDrone.lv - Your key to the smart future!

Welcome to iDrone.lv – your reliable partner in the world of high-quality industrial, professional, and amateur drones! Our company operates in both retail and wholesale sectors, offering diverse solutions for all customers.

iDrone.lv conducts operations from its warehouse, enabling us to efficiently manage product availability and minimize delivery times. This also ensures dependable product stocks to meet your needs. We aim to provide our partners with maximum financial flexibility, including interest-free credit for both individuals and legal entities.

Purchasing from iDrone.lv becomes effortless and convenient, regardless of your location. We offer worldwide delivery, ensuring you receive the necessary products on time.

When necessary, we are ready to prepare all accompanying documents for export to third countries.

Our industrial drones provide innovative solutions geared towards the commercial sphere. They become indispensable tools in security and surveillance, providing effective monitoring and swift responses to potential threats. In the fields of geodesy and engineering research, industrial drones allow for precise aerial photography sessions and the creation of three-dimensional terrain models. They are also capable of performing thermal inspections on objects and handling tasks in extreme weather conditions.

Professional drones are designed for high-quality aerial capture. They offer advanced cameras and stabilizers that allow for creating impressive videos and photographs. Professional photographers and videographers can have full control over the shot, delighting their clients. These drones are also employed in engineering and construction, providing unique perspectives for analysis and monitoring.

Our range of amateur drones offers an ideal introduction to the world of unmanned technology. They are characterized by ease of control, allowing novice pilots to quickly acquire skills. Adventure and photography enthusiasts can explore the world from the sky and create unique content for personal purposes.

The advantages we offer:

  • Quality products. Our range reflects innovations and advantages.
  • Professional consultations. Our experts will help you choose optimal solutions for your needs.
  • Reliable delivery. Thanks to our own warehouse, we ensure prompt delivery.
  • Financial flexibility. We offer various payment methods, including interest-free credit.
  • Global coverage. We will deliver products anywhere in the world.

Best regards,

The iDrone.lv Team