Terms of Use of the Right to Refuse Goods

I. Right to Refuse Goods:

1. The Buyer is granted the right to unilaterally refuse the concluded contract within a 14-day period without providing reasons for their decision.
2. The 14-day right to refuse goods starts from the date of receiving the goods. An exception is the time when the goods are in possession of the carrier or the person specified by the Buyer as the recipient.
3. In order to lawfully exercise the right to refuse, the Buyer is obligated to send written notice to YUKON SIA via email at info@idrone.lv, reflecting their desire to refuse performance of the contractual obligations. Alternatively, the Buyer may make a phone call to +371 2244 2565.
4. The right to refuse does not apply to legal entities.

II. Consequences of Refusal:

5. In the event that the Buyer has exercised their right to refuse within the 14-day period from receipt, the online store www.iDrone.lv undertakes to return all payments made by the Buyer, including shipping costs, within a 14-day period from receiving the goods. An exception is additional shipping costs incurred due to the choice of delivery method for the purchased goods, which is not very inexpensive (this applies when the Buyer declined the delivery options offered by the online store and specified their own method of receiving the goods). This also applies to unjustified delays or untimely notification to www.iDrone.lv about the intention to refuse performance of the contractual obligations. In any case, no fees are charged to the Buyer when refunding money (except 7.1). The funds will be credited to the customer using the original payment method.
6. After making the decision to refuse, it is the Buyer's responsibility to return the goods to the seller at the legal address. The return of the goods should not exceed 14 days from the date of sending the notification (notification by phone). Unjustified delay in returning the goods is not allowed. Please note that if the goods are returned using postal communication offices, representatives of YUKON SIA will not accept them back. This approach is due to the fact that when accepting the goods back, it is necessary to carry out its visual inspection in the presence of both parties to check for damage, defects, and the presence of all necessary components. If the goods are returned to the YUKON SIA customer center using couriers, the Buyer agrees to a one-sided acceptance of the goods by YUKON SIA employees, who will conduct its visual inspection and create a unilateral acceptance act. In the event of future claims, they will be considered unfounded. Therefore, it is recommended to return the goods in person to the legal address.

7. The person returning the goods is responsible for covering all expenses associated with this procedure.

7.1. If the purchase was made with a credit card (Visa / MasterCard) and the customer requests a refund due to order cancellation, YUKON SIA reserves the right to charge 2.5% of the total amount due to expenses incurred with the banking and payment aggregator.

8. Liability arises only for the reduction in the value of the goods when there is no need to use it to determine its appearance and functionality, technical characteristics, or for other purposes.
9. The consumer, using the right to refuse to perform contractual obligations, is responsible for the use of the product if it exceeds the one provided for checking and using it during the time provided for the right of refusal, if this is incompatible with the principle of good faith, and this also applies to reducing its value and quality of the returned product. To avoid additional questions, YUKON SIA asks you to use the purchased item as carefully as possible to avoid any damage (scratches, chips, abrasions, malfunctions, etc.). For example, a quadcopter. It is best to visually inspect it, check for visible defects, dimensions, but not to perform any other actions.
10. The buyer is fully responsible for the preservation of the purchased product, its integrity, and functionality for the entire period provided for in the contract cancellation.
11. In addition to the case reflected in paragraph 12 of these terms, the right to exercise unilateral refusal to perform obligations under a distance contract can be exercised in the following cases, while reimbursing:
11.1. expenses incurred by YUKON SIA as a result of the buyer's refusal of the delivery method offered by it, i.e., the customer chose a more expensive option for receiving the purchased product;
11.2. direct expenses related to the return of the product. Exceptions are cases when YUKON SIA has agreed to reimburse the expenses incurred or has not informed about the need to reimburse these expenses;
11.3. in cases of reducing the value of the product when the consumer used it not for its direct purpose, not for checking its functionality, and features of operation. Such facts are established through diagnostics at an authorized service center. The consumer is not responsible for the decrease in the value of the product in cases where YUKON SIA does not provide information about the right to refuse to perform contractual obligations in accordance with the current legislation directly related to consumer protection.

III. The consumer cannot use the right to refuse:

12. The cases in which the product can be returned to the seller are reflected in the Cabinet of Ministers' Decree of May 20, 2014, No. 255 "Rules of the Distance Contract," including cases when the buyer discovers mechanical or visual damage to the product upon receipt. Drone insurance is not subject to return since it is an immaterial product and a unique code intended for activation in the manufacturer's system.

* YUKON SIA does not guarantee that the buyer will not use the code after the refund.

13. The responsibilities of the online store www.iDrone.lv do not include storing distance contracts.
14. If an error is found in the order assembly process, please contact us by phone: +371 2244 2565, or send us an email: info@idrone.lv to rectify it.
15. Ordering is allowed in two languages, both in Latvian and in Russian.
16. Forms for unilateral cancellation of the order are available on the YUKON SIA website www.iDrone.lv.
17. Please note that the photos posted on the online store www.iDrone.lv and the products available for sale may slightly differ. If you have questions related to the technical characteristics of the product, please contact YUKON SIA representatives by phone: +371 2244 2565 or send us an email with your questions to info@idrone.lv to prevent misunderstandings in the future.
18. In case the cost of the products decreases due to the actions of the consumer, and they voluntarily refuse to compensate for the losses caused by their actions, YUKON SIA will file a lawsuit for the reimbursement of the losses.

Damage caused by force majeure is not compensated.

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