Terms of Use for the online store www.iDrone.lv

General Terms of Use

1. Before starting to use the services of the internet resource www.iDrone.lv (hereinafter referred to as the online store), we kindly request you to carefully read the following terms and conditions of YUKON SIA, registration number: 42103088542, legal address: Liepāja, Siļķu iela 3-33, LV-3405, actual address: Liepāja, Zivju iela 3, LV-3401, according to the rules of using the online store www.iDrone.lv (hereinafter - the terms).
2. The online store www.iDrone.lv should be understood as an internet resource, a special website developed by YUKON SIA, located at www.iDrone.lv, where all necessary information is provided.
3. By accessing the internet resource and reviewing the information about products and services presented on it, the visitor automatically agrees to the specified terms.
4. In case the visitor does not agree to comply with the established rules, we kindly ask not to use the online store, not to use the information and services provided on it.
5. We inform you that the main purpose of processing the provided information, including the data of individuals, by YUKON SIA www.iDrone.lv, is related to the data necessary for the full provision of services on the mentioned resource and assistance in its use.
6. The owners of YUKON SIA reserve the right to make changes to the terms of use and the content of the provided services at any time, without the consent of users, i.e., unilaterally. All changes introduced come into effect from the moment of their official publication on the website.
7. From the moment the visitor starts using the resource, it is considered that they have fully read the terms of use and consent to their compliance. It is the responsibility of all users of the online store to regularly familiarize themselves with the terms in order to constantly be informed about the changes made to the terms. In case the visitor does not agree with the terms, they are prohibited from using the online store.
8. Users who have registered on www.iDrone.lv have the right to fully use all the features and services of the resource at the cost established at the time of using the service. YUKON SIA reserves the right, at its discretion, to change the cost of the provided services at any time and to create new services on a paid basis.
9. The online store iDrone.lv offers the following payment methods: Bank Transfer (Internet Banking / Bank), Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard).
10. All users who register with www.iDrone.lv must provide accurate information and comply with the registration conditions.
11. All registered users of the online store are obligated not to disclose their personal data to third parties. In the event that a purchase of a product or service is made from the profile of a registered user of the online store, and the correct login and password for the account were used, it is considered that the action was performed by the owner of the account, not a third party.
12. All account owners consent to receiving information about current offers in the online store www.iDrone.lv.
13. YUKON SIA is not responsible if visitors incur expenses or losses while using the internet resource.
14. If you have any questions regarding the correctness of the documents provided on the www.iDrone.lv website, please contact the contact person by phone: +371 2244 2565.

Using the Offered Services

15. Users are obliged to strictly adhere to the rules and conditions of using the online store.
16. It is prohibited to use the information obtained on the www.iDrone.lv resource for selfish purposes.
17. Users are allowed to use the information obtained in the online store only in accordance with the applicable legislation. In the event that a user of www.iDrone.lv does not comply with the conditions posted on the YUKON SIA website, YUKON SIA reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of services.
18. If there is a need to make any corrections to a registered order, provided that it is not completed, you must send an official letter to YUKON SIA at the email address: info@idrone.lv from your email address, i.e., the one provided during registration. As an alternative method of making changes, you can make a phone call to: +371 2244 2565 from the number specified when placing the order.
19. In case of discovering any error in the price of a product or its description posted on the www.iDrone.lv resource, YUKON SIA has the right to unilaterally not execute the concluded remote contract, but only if payment for the product has not yet been received. Exceptions are cases where the said purchase and sale agreement can be canceled if it was fraudulently executed by the second party or by deceiving a third party; if the product is not available; in case of significant losses to either party in fulfilling contractual obligations; if payment for the purchased product is made untimely, in other cases stipulated by the current legislation.
20. Users of the online store have no rights to the property content to which they have access on the resource. Users are strictly prohibited from using any information without the owner's permission at www.iDrone.lv. The exceptions are the permissions directly reflected in the regulatory legal acts. According to these conditions, users are prohibited from using any logo, brand included in www.iDrone.lv. It is strictly prohibited to modify or remove any notifications published on the resource, as well as act as an intermediary for the online store.
21. The published information on the www.iDrone.lv website is the property of YUKON SIA. This includes product descriptions and all other information on the mentioned resource.
22. Users who have registered and have given their consent to use the services provided by YUKON SIA also consent to receiving notifications about the start of service provision, information about existing services, and any other information via email provided at the time of registration. This approach is aimed at improving the quality of services provided by the online store. YUKON SIA reserves the right to regularly send information about promotions, discounts, and offers from the online store www.iDrone.lv to the user's email address. When providing their email address, YUKON SIA informs users that by doing so, they consent to including their email address in the general database of the resource, and www.iDrone.lv has the right to send notifications and reminders about started orders for the purchase of products that have not yet been completed.

Privacy Policy

23. YUKON SIA informs that by providing your email address, you agree that it is added to the database, and notifications may be sent to it from the internet store www.iDrone.lv.
24. By using the services provided by the online store, the user thereby confirms their consent that YUKON SIA, as well as a third party acting on behalf of the resource, has the right to collect and store data that allows tracking, selecting:
24.1. The number of individuals who have visited the resource;
24.2. The number of visitors to each individual section of the online store;
24.3. IP addresses and domain names that serve individuals who have visited www.iDrone.lv;
24.4. Other data that will be used exclusively for the purpose of administering the resource, as well as for improving the operation of the online store and the quality of customer service.
25. YUKON SIA processes personal data for the following purposes:
25.1. Preparation, conclusion, and sending of services and remote contracts, invoices;
25.2. Ensuring the effectiveness of enterprise management processes;
25.3. Planning and business analytics;
25.4. Personnel selection and management;
25.5. Consideration and processing of applications.
26. YUKON SIA processes personal data on the following legal grounds:
26.1. To fulfill legal obligations established by regulatory acts;
26.2. To ensure legitimate interests;
26.3. To conclude and execute a contract;
26.4. Consent of the subject of personal data.
27. YUKON SIA retains personal data in accordance with the specified purposes of personal data processing and the requirements of regulatory acts as long as at least one of the following criteria exists:
27.1. YUKON SIA, in accordance with external regulatory acts, may pursue its legitimate interests;
27.2. There is a legal obligation to retain data in accordance with regulatory acts;
27.3. The consent of the subject of personal data for the corresponding data processing exists, unless there is another legal basis for data processing.
28. Cookies are text files placed in the user's browser by the homepage computer to improve the operation of the homepage. Stored cookies allow us to recognize your computer. By revisiting the online store www.iDrone.lv and using only the sections of the homepage accessible with a password, cookies enable you to avoid re-entering data.
29. YUKON SIA uses cookies for:
29.1. Session and user authentication management;
29.2. Ensuring the functionality of the homepage;
29.3. Obtaining statistical data - the number of visitors and time spent on the page;
29.4. Improving the efficiency of the online store.
30. The legal basis for processing data performed within cookies is YUKON SIA's legitimate interest.
31. YUKON SIA does not use cookies to track user habits, so YUKON SIA informs about the use of cookies but does not request your consent to place cookies in accordance with legal requirements.
32. YUKON SIA does not link the user's IP address and email address to data that would identify the user.
33. Third-party cookies, especially Google Analytics, may be present on the homepage of the iDrone.lv online store.
34. The data subject may delete cookies at their discretion.
35. You can delete all cookies already stored on your computer and configure your browser to prevent them from being stored. However, in this case, you will need to manually make choices each time you visit the website, and some services and features of the homepage may not work.
36. In cases provided by law, YUKON SIA may disclose information to third parties. YUKON SIA may also use external services to ensure the more efficient performance of its functions.
37. Information about the user collected and accumulated by YUKON SIA through the iDrone.lv online store is confidential, except as provided by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

38. Personal data is not transferred to third countries.
39. To obtain information about the personal data processed about you by YUKON SIA, you must submit a request to the email address info@idrone.lv.
40. If you believe that your rights regarding the protection of personal data have been violated, you can file a complaint with the supervisory authority for the protection of personal data.
41. Users have the right to delete their profile by sending a request to the email address: info@idrone.lv. In this case, the request is accepted only if sent from the email address registered with the user's profile.

Privacy and Copyright Protection

42. The user, starting the order placement procedure, agrees that YUKON SIA obtains the right to use the data provided by the user in the online store exclusively under the conditions reflected above.

43. Initiating the order placement procedure, the user thereby confirms that they have read the terms of purchase and delivery of the purchased product and agree to adhere to them without fail.
44. Order placement also indicates that the buyer has familiarized themselves with the terms, warranty rules for the product, and the procedure for its return.
45. Order placement confirms the user's awareness of the terms of leasing for the purchase of the product and full agreement with them.
46. Order placement can be made directly through YUKON SIA or a person acting on its behalf, through email or by phone, through social networks. This order placement implies that the buyer is familiar with the terms, rules, and procedures for using the www.iDrone.lv online store and agrees to comply with them, providing accurate information about themselves.

About the Terms of Use of the www.iDrone.lv Online Store

47. In cases where any of the above conditions loses its legal force, the others remain unchanged, meaning they fully retain their force.
48. In case of any disputes between the parties mentioned above, including conditions, service provision, product purchase, etc., they are subject to consideration in strict accordance with the current legislation.
49. The sole owner of the intellectual property located on the www.iDrone.lv website is exclusively YUKON SIA. If this right is violated, the responsible party will be held accountable according to the current legislation.
50. The "Contacts" section on the www.iDrone.lv website contains all the necessary contact information about YUKON SIA.

Documents for the Purchase of Purchased Goods in the www.iDrone.lv Online Store

51. When delivering purchased goods to the specified address during order placement, the waybill serves as a document confirming the conclusion of the purchase and sale agreement. It is sent to the Customer's specified email address.
52. The warranty card for the purchased item is sent to the specified email address if it is provided.
53. As proof that the buyer has received the purchased goods:
53.1. when receiving the goods in the standard way or picking up the purchased item from the courier, a signature is placed on the electronic terminal of the courier (the person who delivered the goods to the recipient);
53.2. if the purchased item was received by the buyer using parcel lockers, the input of a code serves as confirmation of its receipt.
54. After receiving confirmation of the delivery of the goods to the buyer's address by any of the above methods, claims regarding its non-delivery are not accepted.

Procedure for Handling Complaints and Out-of-Court Disputes

Complaints about the availability of goods or quality should be submitted electronically by sending them to the email address info@idrone.lv or in writing to the address Liepāja, Siļķu iela 3-33, LV-3405. The complaint will be considered within 14 business days from the date of receipt of the complaint, and the response will be sent to the address specified in the complaint.

If the complaint is found to be unfounded, and you do not agree with the unfounded nature of the complaint, you have the right to use the alternative dispute resolution options specified in the regulatory acts by submitting a written request to the seller of the goods for an out-of-court dispute resolution in accordance with the norms of the law of the Republic of Latvia, indicating:

  • name, surname, contact information;
  • the date of the application;
  • the request and justification of the dispute.